Hello, my name is Nikohl, and this is so blur.

The more I work in creative fields, the more I realize that the creative process is informed by everything we come into contact with, 24/7. In fact, the best ideas often come from the most unexpected of places. With this in mind, so blur was born.

so blur is a mixed-media rendering of Things at large. My take on fashion, art, literature, film, and photography (among others). My interpretation of the cultural occurrences and strange incidents that happen on the daily. Lists. Documents. Mock pieces. Photos. Diary entries. Reviews. Facts. Essays. Content. &c. All funneled through the lens of so blur.

One thing I believe is that in order to produce creatively, a strong sense of play is absolutely necessary. Creating should be fun! Otherwise, what's the point? Equal parts pastiche, cultural content, and random $%^!, take this blog as serious as you'd like, though I take Art with a capital A quite seriously. Either way, nowadays things are hazy…and that's ok. In fact, it's preferred, because mixing things up is what makes it fun. It's all #soblur.

So read on, voyeur along, and thanks for your visit!