midnite mello

When I'm feeling weird/restless, nothing helps calm me down and center me back into reality like music. I should definitely be asleep, but alas, the music-verse has captured my attention so here we are. I know I'll regret it come tomorrow morning but #yolo. Plus, it wouldn't be a typical End Of The Year In The Life Of Nicole without yet another melodramatic playlist -- to get you all souped up and into hyper-nostalgia-mode of course. No need to thank me, you might fall back so hard into '09 that you'll be cursing my name instead. ;)

Perfect for: Late-night chillin, background tunes, intense nostalgia, &c.

Genres: 90s trip-hop, ambient, electronica, shoegaze, 00's indie rock -- and them some. This one's kind of all over the place

Enjoy xx

P.s. I finally got Spotify premium. #smallvictories